Domino Juno Vugts

Domino Juno Vugts
Born June 18, 1991, Weert, the Netherlands

Domino has a fascination for women who are powerful and dare to be different. She is always searching for a way to design powerful women’s clothes without using too many masculine shapes or silhouettes. ‘’As women we don’t need a men’s suit to show our power.”

Domino finds it very important that women perceive their clothes as presents which can strengthen their identity. This goes beyond beauty and esthetics. In our society, which is still very much dominated by men, a strong sense of identity or self is something she wants to promote amongst women. Domino believes this can, partly, be achieved through fashion.

“I playfully want to challenge women to step out of their comfort zone and dare to be the heroines and winners I know they are.’’

She has a passion for strong clean silhouettes, details, a new way of colour- and material use and the interest to translate graphic elements into fashion.


Winner of CHAPEAU talent of the year award 2016
Nominee Lichting 2016
Nominee Henriëtte Hustinxprijs 2016

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